How to regulate your bowel movements?

I have a huge constipation problem due to the fact that I work in the night shift. My bowel movements are very irregular. I wanted to know some of the home remedies that I could take in order to regulate my bowel movements. I am fed up of taking medicines now.

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The best ways to regulate bowel movements are:

1. The primary cause of constipation is diet high in fats and low in fiber. Increase the intake of fiber both soluble and insoluble and you could get lot of relief from constipation problem. Eat lots of vegetables, legumes, fruits and grains.

2. Increase the intake of liquid. Drink minimum 3-4 ltrs of water everyday or according to your thirst. Intake of water helps in moving the waste material through the complete path of colon. The stools might be formed in way before reaching rectal pouch because of insufficient water intake. Due to this you might get constipation.

3. Take adequate amount of vitamin A. Good amount of Vitamin A ensures proper lubrication of your feces by mucous released by cells in the glands around colon.

4. Do regular exercise and keep yourself stress free. Anxiety in your life could hamper the regular cleaning of your colon because of the effect it has on enteric nervous system.

5. Do not ignore the urge to have a bowel movement. If stools spends more time in your colon, it could loose its water content and could result in formation of hard stools which is yet another reason for constipation.

6. Anal intercourse might be a cause of bad bowel movement. Avoid it as much as possible if the movement of your stools are not regular.

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